This is a recurring location in Acquisition's Incorporated The "C" Team adventures. It is a magical dungeon which Omin Dran named The Wandering Crypt because it appears around Faerun in predictable locations in a cycle. When he and his sisters were children, they would explore the crypt when it came near their home in Red Larch. One day, Auspicia Dran, was lost inside. Per Omin, "we are twins...when we were 8 years old we entered a cavern that children enter on dares. We entered with our sister Portentia. She entered without the door opening, and I never saw her again"[1] (of note, in those early games, Auspicia and Portentia's names were switched, such that Auspicia was the one who was lost). She was hinted to have been lured there by Portentia. Their mother, Prophetess Dran, never believed Omin's story about what happened, and accepted that Auspicia was dead.[2] Unable to do the same, Omin has dedicated his life to finding her, much to his mother's exasperation. He created the company Acquisitions Incorporated to raise money to help in his search, but after learning that it would be too dangerous to enter again himself, he ordered a branch of Acq Inc he named the B Team to be based at the Dessirin Valley and search for her.  

After 4 years with no success, Omin assigned a new branch called the C Team to take over jobs in the Dessirin Valley, and they stumbled upon the crypt after only a week. K'thriss becomes entranced by a magical gateway he finds inside that they later realize leads to the Sanguilith. The Secretarian Certainty Dran urgently sends them the message to flee, and they make their escape. Filing a dungeon report with the head office triggered an illusion of Omin to later appear to them with the message: "The chamber you have identified is only part of a massive subterranean creature I call the Wandering Crypt. This beast and I have a history. It ranges the Dessarin Valley devouring lives. The defenses within it are attuned to the power of its prey. If I were to enter this haunted place, it would not endure me, and I would be destroyed instantly. Your inexperience is ironically your only chance at success. You are to prepare, to the best of your ability, and return to the Crypt post-haste." [2]  

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Omin's lifelong quest to recover Auspicia at all costs is reflected in the lyrics of the C Team show, emphasizing that 'time is the enemy' if he is to rescue his sister from the 'sepulcher' before her 'pulchritude' becomes 'putrid'. He also refers to the Crypt's power ('you wouldn't make it past a second') and his need to 'choose a cautions solution' rather than be 'brash and reckless'. He then refers to 'that wealth that I'm pursuing' and his 'money pit' in order to hire 'expendable marks' to whatever dangerous locations are necessary, even if it makes them 'bleed'. He even drops flippant remarks about their potential deaths, calling it a 'lesson', and that if he sends home their coffins, he will try to have 'most of the [body] parts included'.  
  • Jerry sent a Twitter message revealing Certainty Dran's reflections on the Wandering Crypt: The Ecology of the Wandering Crypt

References[edit | edit source]

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