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Walnut Dankgrass (pronounced dahn-grass) is a Wood Elf Druid currently employed as the Documancer for the Acquisitions Incorporated The "C" Team operating out of the Dessarin Valley.

Early Life[]

Walnut was raised by, and a is a member of, the all-female druid circle Enclave Panex Anima.[1]

Before entering Red Larch to take up her role in Acquisitions Incorporated, Walnut came from the woods north of Red Larch, the Kryptgarden Forest.[2]

Acquisitions Incorporated Career[]

Personal Life[]


Walnut is comfortable with the balance of life and death in the natural world. She is especially attuned to animals, and regularly speaks with animals she encounters.

Walnut has several wildforms she can transform into:

  • Bear[2] (Honey-Nut)
  • Wolf[3] (Wolf-Nut)
  • Spider[4] (Silk-Nut)
  • Weasel[5] (Sweet-Bweezy)
  • Crocodile[6] (Croco-Nut)
  • Treant (Ability Given by Foremother)[7]
  • Giant Elk[8] (Elk-Nut)
  • Giant tadpole frognut


  • Brahma Lutier (Team Bellerophon)

Friends & Allies[]

  • Onyx (Cat)
  • Rosie Beestinger (Halfling Grandmother)
  • Seizes the Tail (Snake)
  • Trevor (Werewolf)
  • Dol Droma (Documancer lvl 2)
  • She also met a killer frog


Walnut made a deal with the inn cat Onyx and owed Onyx a favor, which was later paid in full by Walnut summoning a flock of chickens in the Dran & Courtier and allowing Onyx to kill and devour one.



Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team (1 Season)

  • "Franchise Opportunities" (S1 Ep1)
  • "The Test Market" (S1 Ep2)
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  • "Dungeons and Wagons, Part 1" (S1 Ep4)
  • "Dungeons and Wagons, Part 2" (S1 Ep5)
  • "Doomgate Inn, Part 1" (S1 Ep6)
  • "Doomgate Inn, Part 2" (S1 Ep7)
  • "Doomgate Inn, Part 3" (S1 Ep8)
  • "Homecoming, Part 1" (S1 Ep9)
  • "Homecoming, Part 2" (S1 Ep10)
  • "Homecoming, Part 3" (S1 Ep11)
  • "Homecoming, Part 4" (S1 Ep12)
  • "Homecoming, Part 5" (S1 Ep13)
  • "Homecoming, Part 6" (S1 Ep14)
  • "The House Wins, Part 1" (S1 Ep15)
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  • "Jimterlude" (S1 Ep18)
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  • "Last Stone's Day, Part 1" (S1 Ep20)
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  • "Anchors Aweigh, Part 1" (S1 Ep23)
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  • "Anchors Aweigh, Part 3" (S1 Ep25)
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  • "Paterfamilias, Part 1" (S1 Ep27)
  • "Paterfamilias, Part 2" (S1 Ep28)
  • "Paterfamilias, Part 3" (S1 Ep29)
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  • "Dran Incorporated, Part 1" (S1 Ep31)
  • "Dran Incorporated, Part 2" (S1 Ep32)
  • "Dran Incorporated, Part 3" (S1 Ep33)


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Additional Imagery[]

Art by K. A. Franco (@Nurse_Normal)

Art by K. A. Franco (@Nurse_Normal)

Art by K. A. Franco (@Nurse_Normal)

Art by K. A. Franco (@Nurse_Normal)

Art by K. A. Franco (@Nurse_Normal)