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"Viari has another name, but I won’t tell it to you because he and I are on good terms at the moment and there are things I need him to do. So let’s just say he’s got one—and that it’s very funny—and leave it at that. Recently elevated to “Sub-Intern,” a rank I made up on the spot, Viari currently heads-up our Stabbing Department. He also has an artifact called the Apocalypse Dagger that we’re letting him hold onto for the time being. Although, it did claim his entire arm in a burst of Necrotic Energy at one point. It’s cool: we got him another one."[1]

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Patrick Rothfuss




Rogue (Thief)

  • Catch Phrase: "What-ho!" 
  • Viari seems to have an unhealthy obsession with chandeliers.
  • There are multiple hints that Viari has been actively undermining Omin's power within the organization in order to take over ever since his employment—all while feigning perfect obedience and satisfaction with his intern/sub-employee role within it.