Day 20 (And yes, I will keep on doing this):

Have been slowly creating the article for "The Dran & Countier " and it's being done. Be patient, I a life other than this you know. I will need to add the layouts made by LongGoneWriter to it, checking for canonity along the way. Aside from that, I will also need to write a section on The Test Market, because it is rather key to the plot. I am rather looking forward to the description of The Dran & Courtierception, version, as that was pretty funny.

Also, LongGoneWriter has also posted some stuff on The Hoard, you know, the gambling house/ship, so I will make an article on that. It will hopefully link to the episode summeries, which I will be doing, in fa few months. The issue with them is, there are so ####ing many of them and they are very long, so I would basically need to watch them all again, with a pen in hand. It is going to take a while, but it will be done, hopefully.