This wiki now has admins again!!! Yay! Now we can get stuff done...

You may have noticed a few changes to the design, more will be coming as soon, but I am having a few issues with it, mostly relating to levels. These are what the buttons on the menu are arranged into and they are a little difficult to work out how to use correctly. Howver, after a few searches, it appeared for a little while that I had gotten it. Apparently not. Hover over the Cast and Character button, then hover over the Playable Characters Button. Now go to the menu on the side and hover over one of the buttons, it doesn't matter which. Now, according to my code, another menu should be displayed, showing a list of characters from either Team "A" (Main cast) or Team "C". This does not happen. I have looked up thow to do this multible times and it says all you have to do to add a new level is just to have one more asterix than the previous(NOTE: Only admins can see this using the editing window if you go here ). 

Anyway, that will be fixed in time when I work out what I am doing wrong. The background for this wiki is going to have to be custom designed and made, probally by me, along with the logo, which I am doing now. What we have currently is a parchment style theme that I think works quite nicely. I tried a golden style theme but it looked plain wrong, so we're stuck with this for now. There is also a chat option on all of the pages now, so you can use that as well, I guess. So that is all from me, Olaf out.