Okay, this blog is going to be here for me to write down any edits I have made to the wiki, just so that you know what gears I am turning. It is also so that if there is any incorrect infomation, you know what to delete or edit.

Day 0:

I learned of this wiki's existance soon after begining to watch this series, starting with The "C" Team. Like Yogscast's Highrollers, I soon became obsessed with it, as you do, which resulted in disapointment in discovering this wiki. It needs updating and adding to.

This requires time and dedication, of which time is currently an issue, due to examinations. However, I will have time later in the year, about 2 weeks in the summer, of which I can dedicate to this wiki. So yeah, you aren't going to see any big changes yet, but will be coming.

Day 1:

I have compiled a list of has to be done. Hint: A ####ing #### -ton.


  • The format for charecters and suchlike is not stable. I need to get it into a continuous and steady form that goes on the wiki.
  • Infomation of events and suchlike is missing, as well as entire catergories of infomation. Need to get those filled in.
  • Currently, the only episodes on the wiki are Aquisitions Incorporated: The Series and three copies of The "C" Team: Franchise Opportunities. Hopefully i will be able to get a complete episode count along with detailed plot summeries for each episode.
  • Watching every episode in existance with the wiki open. This is going to take a while, as a heck load of notes will need to be made and the fact that they are each a few hours a piece.
  • Gathering all art, maps and fan fiction together into one place. I will not be doing this for the NSWF content, due to the lewd nature of it and the fact that younger users may stuble into this wiki. However, I you want to do it, be my guest! I will not take any responsibility for any dreams ruined because of it.
  • Grovelling to The Shadow Council to assist me with this task.

Accomplishments (So far):

  • Minor improvements on Red Larch and Kthriss Drowb

I also have made contact with The Shadow Council (The "C" Team Reddit) and have discovered that this may actually be worth my time. Better get started then.

Day 2

After viewing the catergory on Documancy, I now have another task to contend with, adding Franchise roles. We need seprate profiles for Decisionist, cartographer and hoardsperson, as well as Fin's special class (sadly canot remember the name for now). For now, however, I will have to first edit and expand the section on documancy and perhaps add a section on Walnut Dankgrass's page about it for more infomation regarding to her attitude regarding the role. Aside from this, I might create a Facebook Group for The Shadow Council wish to help with the editing and updating of this wiki.