Hi there. Not sure if you have this infomation yet, but check your email. Since we both applied to adopt this wiki, there has been some, issues surrounding it. They basically want one of us to retract our request and, once the remaining request is accepted, the new admin gives the retracted user admin privilages as well. That is the extent of our problem and for now I retract my request to help speed things along a bit. We can discuss this further in the comments section. However, due to this being an unofficial request, it was suggested that we wait until both requests have been looked over by staff for credibilty before this occurs.

Day 28:

With that out of the way there isn't that much to report. I am waiting for a response from KrisStraub on the canonical contents of The Red Larch Basement, and then I will have to rewatch bits of the first episodes to get info on the test market. After that, I will probally get started on the episode summeries for The "C" Team, amongst other bits...