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Donaar comes back from the mountain, appearing as young as he was when the campaign started. K'Thriss notices that Donaar now looks like he has a silver string reaching up into the heavens towards the mountain. The people of Jinaar demand a royal wedding, after having to wait for a year for one. Jerry tells what happened right after the previous episode. Donaar remembers the throne chamber where he sat and remembers seeing flashes of light with a shadow of a massive dragon around the throne, until it was gone after the 7th, leaving only the standing Donaar left. When Donaar came down the mountain, his mother kisses him, before Nase. Jerry tells that this godhood is manufactured, but that it has to be the eldest son. Vars Maelis and Tiamat's have fought over 872.5 years, but recently Tiamat convinced Donaar's father that he would be able to NOT give up his eldest son. Therefore, a facsimile of Nase was made that went on the throne, which created a false god, which Tiamat was using to turn Jinaar.

Donaar therefor goes to talk to his dad and tells him what he knows and his dad starts to ugly cry. Donaar has resentment towards his dad for his decision at the top of the mountain and everything it led during their lives, and then he walks away. Ryan starts talking about an abduction in Donaar's past: when he was 10, he and other kids got pied-piper'd away, at which point the Tuning Fork rings, meaning Donaar's dad has to choose between the search and the fork. He decides to go up by himself and leave the others to the search. That's when the king fell into a coma and Vars Maelis disappeared, thus everyone blaming Donaar. Donaar gets a memory of that but as if he had done it and was proud of the fact. When Tiamat had gone to the chamber to consume the true Vars Maelis, Vars was hidden in Donaar, thus Tiamat only got the partial god creature. Vars inhabited Donaar the 2nd time when Donaar left the city, to try to end the war between Vars and Tiamat. And that's when Tiamat poisoned the king into a coma to prepare his next plan which was to poison Pran into her control to give the city to Tiamat.

Very emotionally confused, Donaar goes to confront his mother, telling her she has her share of blame in everything that happened, and then goes to tell Nase everything. Nase says that he is his mother's son, and then asks Donaar if he knows about the queen of Skolla, which the people want him to marry. Nase isn't against it but wants to know more. After some debate, Donaar agrees to support Nase's as long as he agrees to hate their parents, and they shake on it. Nase then tells them he needs to find 2 more royal family members to marry to calm the populace. As they ponder candidates, K'Thriss comes up with the idea of hosting a reality show about FINDING the royal candidates for marriage to calm then down, tentatively titled Royal Rebound (The Bachelaar was also considered). Rosie approaches Pran and then goes to look into her pool along with K'Thriss and Walnut. They see that Pran is talking to a Matrix Domina which activates the pool for the whole city to see, and then Pran says she would get along well with Donaar. The reality show begins. She asks what he considers important in a marriage as the city watches, he says privacy, being able to bang everybody and doing whatever he wants. She says they use venom in the boudoir in Jinaar and that she could accommodate the many lovers. She asks how many dragonborns Donaar has seen banged. Ryan rolls a d20 to determine that number and gets a 1. Rosie sees the Matrix Domina is Cathra Dawn, Donaar's old crush. Donaar, embarrassed, splashes the pond's water so the populace cannot see.

A guard appears and says that people are here to see Walnut which turns out to be Fenn. Fenn was hired by the royal family to organize the wedding and asks for K'Thriss. She informs K'Thriss that she's found Winter, K'Thriss' old sword and that they are a couple, and that her business with K'Thriss is over. Walnut is pissed that K'Thriss gave up the sword that contained Myelikki but doesn't get into it now. Fenn asks for K'Thriss to accompany her to her cart, and K'Thriss feels hate coming from the sword. Suddenly, Brahma appears alongside Walnica. Walnut confronts Brahma who wants to talk in private. Brahma says she loves both of them.

K'Thriss feels that both Walnuts are very close cosmologically but they think that they are actually too close, and wonders if he can remove both elements that are common to both of them so they could fuse as a new person. She asks Walnica what she thinks about that.

Brahma says that she is hurting Walnica too. Walnut thinks it's unfair for Walnica to also have half of Brahma in addition to half of her life. Brahma doesn't know what to do, nor Walnut. Walnut says that she recently found out what she was looking for her whole life, which means she isn't who Walnica is. Brahma says she must tell Walnica goodbye and leaves.

Walnut comes out of the closet to see an antler-covered crown that destroyed Walnica(?) that is held by one of the daughters of Maelith. Walnut grabs the crown and smashes it in 2 on the ground, something comes out and rushes into Walnut. Walnut hears Walnica inside her head. K'Thriss saw all of Walnica's life in a moment.

We are now at the wedding of Sorsha and Nase, featuring Chronaar and Quinoa frolicking and messing about. Matrix Domina, sat next to Donaar, reveals herself to be Cathra. Donaar says he's happy to see her but not enough to marry her. She says they can go to through the motion but that they'll both know that it'll be purely physical. She then forces Donaar out for the wedding, as he complains. Finally, the king and queen of Jinaar renew their vows.

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