The "C" Team refers to both the in-universe adventuring group named The "C" Team, and the live Twitch show of the same name which documents their adventures. Fans of the show are referred to as the Shadow Council.

Adventuring Group[edit | edit source]

The "C" Team is one of many franchises of the larger adventuring company Acquisitions Incorporated. The "C" Team currently consists of four co-franchisees, each holding a 25% interest in the franchise:

These four were brought together by Omin Dran to work in the Dessarin Valley for the purpose of finding the Wandering Crypt. It is unknown at this time exactly what the "C" stands for, though it does stand for something - other teams have had their letter initials revealed.

Guest Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Non-Player Characters[edit | edit source]

The "B" Team, Team Bellerophon[edit | edit source]

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Current "C" Team Adventures[edit | edit source]

Twitch TV Show[edit | edit source]


Franchise Opportunities - S1 E1 - Acquisitions Inc- The "C" Team

Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team is a spin-off of Penny Arcade's "Acquisitions Inc" comedy-tabletop franchise. Led by Dungeon Master Jerry Holkins, the show uses Dungeons & Dragons, improvisational group storytelling, and comedy to tell the story of adventurers in a fantasy world and their many misadventures. The show is streamed live on the Penny Arcade Twitch Channel every Wednesday at 4pm PDT.

Theme Song[edit | edit source]

The "C" Team theme song was written and performed by Kris Straub.


Time is the enemy
the past, it threatens
the fastest weapon
you wouldn’t make it past a second
and that’s the question
play it brash and reckless
or choose a cautious solution
you thought was prudent

In any sepulcher
pulchritude’ll become the putrid
It’s that wealth that I’m pursuing
No mountain too steep
or dungeon too deep
to send expendable marks
up to the top of the peak or beneath

They see you bleed, they come like sharks to it
while I swim in that money bin
like Carl Barks drew it
so send your national parks druid
I’ll send them home in a natural box
with a closed top
and most of the parts included

Save your breath for a cleric confessor
Death is a lesson and
life is a tenured professor
But if you’re seeking my official advice
sign on the dotted line, initial it twice.

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