Team Bellerophon (also known as The "B" Team) refers to the wildcard adventuring group employed by Acquisitions Inc.

Adventuring Group[edit | edit source]

Team Bellerophon is one of many franchises of the larger adventuring company Acquisitions Incorporated. They are in possession of a "wildcard license," which allows them to do whatever they please without adhering to any regulations. The "B" Team consists of:

Former Members[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Team Bellerophon was stationed in Red Larch prior to The "C" Team. At some point in their history, they had a Documancer who "slowed down the group" and "got in the way." They are presumably deceased or are otherwise no longer considered a part of Team Bellerophon.

The "C" Team first encountered them at The Doomgate Inn. They had disguised themselves as the venue's brand and after an impressive musical performance, they proceeded to kill all of the vampires in attendance (who were actually just a group of LARPers), naming themselves as Acquisitions Incorporated. The "C" Team confronted them about their sudden and violent entrance, but Oak rudely informed them of his team's wildcard license, which seemingly allows his team to answer to no authority. After a brief exchange (and a promise of violent romance by Brahma to Walnut Dankgrass), Team Bellerophon teleported out of the inn, leaving The "C" Team to deal with the approaching authorities.

Later, Brahma left the group to pursue her own interests and was subsequently replaced by Pendragon Beestinger.

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