Rosie Beestinger is a Halfling Monk currently employed as the Cartographer for the Acquisitions Incorporated "C" Team operating out of the Dessarin Valley.

Early Life (spoilers for Seasons 1 - 3) Edit

Rosie learned to navigate by the stars as a child, and is always able to tell where in the world she is. She was taught this skill by her parents,[1] and fans later learn that Rosie's father actually leads a fleet of halfling spaceships in the Astral Plane.[2] The Homeward Star constellation is of particular significance, as it indicates the galaxy where her family lives[2], and was the second constellation she was taught.[1]

When she was young, she made a deal with an organization called the Shadow Council, which helped her gain power, money and popularity, in exchange for her agreeing to carry out assassination requests.[3,4] She became the notorious mob boss 'Grandmother Night', but began to regret her bargain, especially when she learned that the kill orders came from Asmodeus himself. She began adopting the orphaned children of her victims, even though many would grow up to hate her. To escape this dark fame, Rosie fled to a monastery, where she trained in the Way of Shadow for 20 years.[5] While she was gone, the stories of Grandmother Night grew, with other members of her family taking up the mantle. Eventually for unknown reasons, Rosie was kicked out of the monastery, although she still has unfinished business with them.[6] Omin Dran heard of her background, having received many notifications from halflings eager to nominate her for a position with Acq Inc and be rid of her,[7] and decided to send her an invitation to join the C Team.

Acquisitions Incorporated Career Edit

Traveling north on the road to Red Larch, Rosie was attacked by three unnamed brigands, who she easily dispatched.[1] In one Test Market version of the Dran and Courtier Inn, Rosie encountered a chandelier shaped like the Homeward Star constellation.

Personal Life Edit

Family Edit

Rosie is the mother, both biologically and by adoption, of a large number of children. Children/grandchildren who have been canonically introduced include:

  • Driebus Beestinger (adopted half-orc son)
  • Tarus Beestinger (great grandson, Halfling Ranger)
  • Cher Beestinger (halfling bard)
  • Kiwi Beestinger (adopted moon-elf; former bard, now a ranger)
  • Currently unnamed Beestinger (adopted moon-elf bard, brother of Kiwi)
  • Pendragon Beestinger (adopted, wizard, cartographer for Acquisitions Incorporated Team Bellerophon)
  • Strix Beestinger (adopted tiefling sorcerer, previously of the Skizziks clan)
  • Laurel Beestinger (adopted wood-elf ranger)
  • Drin Beestinger (adopted human paladin)
  • Instructor Indigo Beestinger
  • Prune Beestinger, priestess of Lathandar (formerly Selune)
  • Rear Admiral Ketchup Beestinger
  • Sorrel Tomenook

Personality Edit

Rosie is a very grandmotherly figure who likes to give advice and comfort to those around her.[1] She has a particular fondness for children (and adults that exhibit child-like qualities). She will go to great lengths to protect, save, or help a child in trouble, without regard to her own safety.

Rosie is also very persuasive and intimidating in a grandmotherly way.

Physical Attributes Edit

Rosie weighs 28 pounds.[1] Beneath her simple ascetic robes, Rosie's physique is "jacked." Her D&D Beyond sheet can be found here.

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