Rosie Beestinger is a Halfling Monk currently employed as the Cartographer for the Acquisitions Incorporated "C" Team operating out of the Dessarin Valley.

Early Life Edit

Rosie learned to navigate by the stars as a child, and is always able to tell where in the world she is. She was taught this skill by her parents.[1] The second constellation she was taught was the Homeward Star.[1]

Before entering Red Larch to take up her Acquisitions Incorporated franchise, Rosie was south of Red Larch. [1]

Acquisitions Incorporated Career Edit

The Test Market Edit

Before coming into Red Larch, Rosie was attacked by three unnamed brigands, who she easily dispatched.[1] While in the Test Market Inn, Rosie encounters a chandelier that is shaped like the Homeward Star constellation.

Personal Life Edit

Family Edit

Rosie is the mother, both biologically and by adoption, of a large number of children. Children who have been canonically introduced include:

  • Driebus Beestinger (adopted half-orc)
  • Cher Beestinger (halfling bard)
  • Kiwi Beestinger (adopted moon-elf; former bard, now a ranger)
  • Currently unnamed Beestinger (adopted moon-elf bard, brother of Kiwi)
  • Pendragon Beestinger (adopted, wizard, cartographer for Acquisitions Incorporated Team Bellerophon)
  • Strix Beestinger (adopted tiefling sorcerer, previously of the Skizziks clan)
  • Laurel Beestinger (adopted wood-elf ranger)
  • Drin Beestinger (adopted human paladin)

Halfling Fame Edit

Rosie is something of a celebrity among halflings, and is accustomed to being recognized by other halflings.[1]

Personality Edit

Rosie is a very grandmotherly figure who likes to give advice and comfort to those around her.[1] She has a particular fondness for children (and adults that exhibit child-like qualities). She will go to great lengths to protect, save, or help a child in trouble, without regard to her own safety.

Rosie is also very persuasive and intimidating in a grandmotherly way.

Physical Attributes Edit

Rosie weighs 28 pounds.[1] Beneath her simple ascetic robes, Rosie's physique is "jacked."

Appearances Edit

Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team (1 Season)

Background Information Edit

References Edit

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