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Plot Summary[]

Whilst K'thriss messes around inside of his knife, Walnut attempts to deal with Nilaen, who, after failing to make Onyx yield, leaves The Dran & Courtier for Triboar. Meanwhile a new challenger arrives with the absence of Donaar and Rosie. Diath has come seeking a pair of rings, enchanted with an aura of protection, that Omin Dran took from the Waffle Crew. They contain shards of Evelyn's soul, shattered during a Vistani ritual performed by Rudolph Van Richten involving Diath and Strix, and Diath needs the rings if he is to restore her. The problem is that The "C" Team also need them: in this case to perform a ritual guised as a marrige ceremony to free Malaith from the god of mouths. K'thriss ended up paying Diath 250 gold as compensation until the rings were returned.

After this, the newly forged trio left The Dran & Courtier to investigate the smuggling of daggers in Red Larch. There destination: an old, abandoned jail house recently bought and converted into a secure warehouse of sorts. After K'thriss used his ghost vision to find the daggers, he noticed a strange and complicated series of mechanisms in a pile of shields and barrels. Upon investigating, the pile turned into an colossal killing machine which proceeded to attack the party. Guided by K'thriss's ghost vision, Diath was able to badly damage the construct, cutting a "tightly coiled spring" to ribbons, before Walnut transformed into her Treant form, effectively crushing the machine with her gigantic fists. The trio then had to flee the scene as poisonous gas flooded from the lifeless construct, watched on by a mysterious figure...

Memorable Quotes[]

"Yield. Cat you will yield!" Nilean to Onyx

"Everyone who is a friend of Omin's is a friend of mine" Prophetess Dran


Walnut Dankgrass (Amy Falcone) K'thriss Drow'b (Kris Straub) Diath Woodrow (Jared Knabenbauer)

Notable NPCs[]

Background Information[]

  • This is the second episode where a member a of The Waffle Crew has played as a guest.
  • Omin 'stole' two rings of protection that contained shards Evelyn's soul during his guest game with Dice Camera Action. These he gave to Walnut and K'thriss to assist The "C" Team in defending Promise.
  • This is only the second time that Walnut has used her Teant form, the first being in the eldritch cathedral.

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