Portentia is the older sister of the twins Omin Dran and Auspicia Dran. She was with them when Auspicia was lost in the Wandering Crypt. It is hinted at that she intentionally lost her sister in the crypt, though the reason has not yet been explained.

Portentia is the CEO and founder of Dran Enterprises, a rival company of Acquisitions Incorporated.

Pre C-Team Events[edit | edit source]

Years before the C-Team was formed, the The "A" Team was on a quest to recover a silver dragon egg from a pair of green dragons. As they were escaping from the mountain-top castle, they were beset upon by Dragon Cultists in their Airship. One of the cultists revealed herself to be Portentia Dran, Omin's sister, moments before Binwin Bronzebottom nearly killed her in the heat of battle.

As she healed and traveled on the Airship with the team, she began a romantic relationship with Jim Darkmagic. Jim still appears to have romantic feelings for her as he strives to bring her back to life and heal her from the Soulmonger's curse, only to find out that she was never dead in the first place.

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