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Ominifis "Omin" Hereward Dran is a Half-Elf Cleric of Tymora (Trickery Domain), as well as the CEO and founder of Acquisitions Incorporated. He is played by Jerry Holkins.

Early Life[]

The elf paladin Prophetess Dran raised her son Omin, along with his twin sister Auspicia, and their younger sister, Portentia.[1] The biological father of Omin and Auspicia is the human priest Father Gordon, and while it is unclear if he is also Portentia's father, he does consider all three to be his children.[2] Omin's parents fell out of love with each other as the price for using an ancient magic.[3] Prophetess later met and married the bard Audra Courtier, and together they run an inn called the 'Dran and Courtier', a pun on the expression 'drawn and quartered'. The children had a mystical pet cat named Onyx, who still roams the inn to this day.

When they were younger, Omin and his sisters encountered the Wandering Crypt, and Auspicia was trapped inside (lured there by Portentia). Omin went on to devote his professional life and significant resources to retrieving her. At the age of 16, Omin asked for a loan from the Shadow Council, [4,10] and help from his family's patron goddess (initially Erathis, then retconned to Tymora when the series moved to The Forgotten Realms). Unbeknownst to him, his little sister was also busy creating her own empire, named Dran Enterprises. As per the official website, "I hadn't seen my sister, Auspicia Dran, for years—decades—and then out of nowhere she returns with fresh branding and despicably evil backing, trying to acquire Acquisitions Incorporated. Being acquired ourselves is definitely not on brand, and I have definitely refused this offer." [5]

Acquisitions Incorporated [Spoilers for Acq Inc Season 7 and the C Team][]

Omin created Acquisitions Incorporated as an adventuring company to help earn money to pay back the Shadow Council.[4] His first employees were the wizard Jim Darkmagic and the barbarian dwarf Binwin Bronzebottom, who he formed a close friendship with, but was not necessarily opposed to putting in danger if there was a good chance at profit. They are most well known for traveling into the Undermountain and bring back a giant pilotable statue, which they used to defend the city of Waterdeep from a tarrasque. To thank Omin, the city invited him to join their ruling body, the Masked Lords.[6]

Although Omin holds the position of CEO, he granted Jim and Binwin certain powers within the company, such as helping him choose new interns.[7] These interns are treated very poorly, despite some showing extraordinary loyalty, such as Viari. Another example is a desk clerk named Jeff NoMagic (no relation to the wizard Jim, but who had been tricked by the latter into thinking he had magic before abandoning him to his death defending the company's headquarters).[8] Therefore in some places, the company and particularly Omin himself have developed a somewhat nefarious reputation.[9] The devil lord Asmodeus has even shown interest in collecting Omin's soul.[10]

Acq Inc eventually grew too big for just one branch, and began franchising out job requests to individual teams of employees. Omin became fascinated by the intricacies of contracts and their field of study named documancy, which also has ties to planar contracts and the laws of the universe, overseen by Mechanus and its Fundamental Court. Through undisclosed means, Jeff NoMagic landed in Mechanus after his death and also learned documancy, using its secrets to build his own team of Omin-haters named 'The Six'. Many of its members were former Acq Inc interns and allies betrayed by him.

To lessen his workload and potentially decrease his loan by partitioning it between multiple individuals,[11] Omin traveled to the Wandering Crypt and intentionally entered the cloning chamber deep in its center.[12] He had expected these clones to cooperate with his plans, however possibly because they already knew how he treated his employees, some of them began conspiring against him in secret, allying with Portentia.

Omin still has a few stalwart allies - usually because he actually pays them, or because they have no use for money. These include the intimidating elf ranger Môrgæn; the goofy but kind-hearted trash witch Strix; the holy paladin Evelyn Marthain; the cheese-loving goliath Bobbie Zimmeruski; and the C Team. He is still on tenuous footing with Jim after the latter realized that Omin had cloned him, and that Omin had then banished the clone to hell to save himself.[10,13] Omin has also cloned the C Team documancer Walnut, which she did not appreciate.[14]

Trivia [Spoilers][]

- In early Acquisitions Incorporated games, Portentia Dran was the sister who was lost in a dungeon. This was later retconned to be Auspicia.

- Prophetess Dran is the granddaughter of a Panex Anima druid, making Omin a distant relative of Walnut [15]

- Omin has revealed, "I read contracts in lieu of conventional pornography, yes." [8] In a conversation with Walnut, he has also expressed his love for a "phat sheet of blank vellum", which also got Walnut excited.[14]

- There are hinted to have been 7 Omin clones.[15] One perished when Acq Inc headquarters exploded, releasing another from a 'sarcophagus' who crawled out of the rubble and was rescued by the C Team and Evelyn. One has been traveling the multiverse with the rest of the Acq Inc main team. One is currently sitting at Acq Inc headquarters as its figurehead. One is trapped in a pocket dimension and missing an arm, who the Shadow Council/Umbra member Grella suspects is the original.[11] Another has been sending messages in secret to the C Team and writes with a shaky handwriting, but we only know that it is not the one in the pocket dimension.[16] Grella revealed that there were only 5 clones left, and mentioned that her people had needed to 'break the chain' to find out how many clones there were,[11] therefore one may have been intentionally assassinated - a task that was originally given to Rosie Beestinger.[17]

- Certainty Dran is Omin's daughter, and he has revealed that her mother is the goddess Tymora.[16]

- Omin is made official canon in the D&D Universe through his appearance in the novel "Death Masks" by Ed Greenwood


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