Jinaar is the dragonborn home city of Donaar Blitz'en of the "C" Team and other copper dragonborns. It is located in the eastern edge of the Sword Mountains.[1] The city is built around a mountain at whose peak the god Vars Melis is believed to reside. It is ruled by a royal family who live in the upper part of the city and have the obligation to obey a summons to the peak whenever a special tuning fork is sounded. Chosen members of the family then head to the summit and confer with their god, and bring back his wisdom to the rest of their people.[2] The royal manor is reached from a long zigzagging hike up the mountain with multiple reststops and gates,[3] one of which bears the inscription: "TAKE NO VIRTUES BEYOND THIS POINT".[4] A pulley system otherwise exists to pull cargo and wagons up the mountain. On the stairs of the throne room itself are carved the names of the royal children, and on the carpet are the virtues: COURAGE, TEMPERANCE, PRUDENCE and JUSTICE.[4]

The outer ring of the city is dedicated to trade with outsiders and is considered an area of "quarantine", given that the dragonborn are xenophobic. It is also a slum.[3] The middle ring is where the rest of the dragonborn live.[2] There are also smaller outlying cities, some of which are allied with Jinaar, and some which are independent and known as "free cities", such as the platinum dragonborn city of Scalla. The platinum dragonborn feel disdain towards their "lesser" copper cousins. Unfortunately, Scalla's royal family was taken over by a cult dedicated to the evil dragon goddess, Tiamat.

There is also a nomadic tribe of dragonborn that live as a caravan called 'Everhome', ruled by a matriarch known as the Domina Matrix.[5]

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