James "Jim" Darkmagic III is a human wizard who works for Omin Dran as part of Acquisitions Incorporated.

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Early Life Edit

James Darkmagic III lived most of his early life in his magically transporting mansion with his grandfather James Darkmagic I. They eventually settled the family house down next to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Owlbear. Mr. Ludvig Owlbear would often take Jim on excursions to search for magical artifacts.

When he was a boy, Jim used to torture Clatterby, an animated suit of armor, and lock his cousin Percival Darkmagic in a closet. According to her cousin Olivia Darkmagic, she and Jim used to kiss in his bedroom closet.

According to Mrs. Owlbear, Jim once turned himself invisible for an entire year, allegedly on accident.

Little is known of Jim's parents, though in The Last Will and Testament of James Darkmagic I it was revealed that at least since he left home his mother has been in a constant state of delirium in which she refers to non-existant things and people and doesn't recognise Jim or other members of her family.

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Acquisitions Incorporated Edit

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Jim is known for being a ladies' man and according to him has had many partners in the course of his life. He dated a high elf professional assassin named Kira for a while but parted ways with her as it turned out he wanted more from the relationship than she did. More recently Jim has been in a sexual relationship with Omen's sister Portentia Dran.

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Jim is a fairly slim man with angular facial features and dark black hair. He dresses in purple clothing and perhaps most notably wears a purple cape fastened around the neck with a skull-shaped brooch.

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Family Edit

  • Grandfather, James Darkmagic I, and grandmother, Dolores Darkmagic (maiden name Dolores Wartstaff)
    • Father, Jim Darkmagic II
    • Mother, Martha Darkmagic
    • Aunt, Wanda Darkmagic, and uncle (deceased, name unknown)
      • Cousin, Olivia Darkmagic
      • Cousin, Percival Darkmagic
    • Aunt, Gorgon Darkmagic, and uncle (deceased, name unknown)
      • Cousin, Wretched Darkmagic
      • Cousin, Hideous Darkmagic

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