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The 'interlude' campaign series occurs in Athas, under the campaign setting of 'Dark Sun'. Unlike the previous three seasons, this was not produced in direct collaboration with Wizards of the Coast until the PAX Prime show which can be found under Acquisitions Incorporated: Season Four. Chris Perkins is temporarily replaced by Jerry Holkins as DM and introducing Kris Straub for the first time as a PC. Due to the limited knowledge of characters in this campaign all of the PCs and NPCs will be included on this page rather than have pages of their own. There is also no official art or comics for the Dark Sun campaign and limited fan art. While the continuity for the actual company of Acquisitions Inc. is known, where the Dark Sun characters are and what they're doing now is unknown and it's likely we won't hear from them again as Scott Kurtz is no longer involved in Acquisitions Inc.

Episode Synopses[]

There are a few elements of this campaign that are confusing to those unfamiliar with the world of Athas. You can review the Athas landing page on this wiki to get more information about Preservers, the many City-States, and the setting of Dark Sun.

Episode 1[1][]

In the dystopian and sand-swept world of Athas, sorcerer-kings rule numerous city-states and the common people struggle each day to survive in their brutal home. A nearby city of Tyr has recently had its sorcerer-king named Kalak deposed by a slave uprising. While the scene is set, the players discuss each of their PC's backgrounds and history. Tuzzel, the half-dwarf, is a runaway slave gladiator. Mantis, half-giant gladiator in training. Carheel 'Carl' 'Two Coins', Human fighter looking to increase how many coins he gets to put in his name.

In the city of Altaruk, a caravan from House Galash is passing through on the way to Tyr to confirm the absurd rumors. Tuzzel, Carl, and Mantis take up positions as guards with House Galash's caravan (a very common job in Athas). The party becomes acquainted with their surroundings and their position in the caravan. The caravan stops after a full day's travel without incident. Mantis notices what sounds like bird calls in the distance but are clearly to him "not bird". The party rests along with the rest of the caravan, with the exception of the accompanying Thri-Kreen.

Episode 2[2][]

The caravan begins its travel for the day but before midday the caravan comes under attack by an unusual onslaught of perfect obsidian shards that rain down from the sky knocking the entire party unconscious and seemingly destroying the entire caravan. Investigating the wagonry of House Galash, the party finds that these oblong black elements appear suspiciously crafted. It would seem, from Carheel's investigation that the entire front half of Submatron Galash's litter is missing along with her head. Mantis opens a chest and inadvertently releases the Galash wagon from the slim wedge of obsidian that has sliced it in half. A few artifacts are found, magic-imbued fruits, a handful of scrolls, and "knotted-rope" that identifies Submatron Galash as a member of a hidden Preserver organization.

A horde of elves approaches the ruins of the caravan seeking to scavenge what they can, meanwhile, the party prepares themselves to handle the oncoming battle. It is realized that the caravan was likely being scouted out last night and it was these Elves that were making bird calls in the twilight hours. Mantis, Carl, and Tuzz' ready themselves and start the fight. Tuzz' takes a bony Elven spearhead and makes elaborate 'Karate' poses instead of actually fighting until he's given rousing encouragement from Carl. Mantis brings down a Cleave and marks a pair of Elves to focus him. When Carl comes under attack, Mantis steps in and destroys an Elf, but Carl is still hit by a poison dart and starts to pass out.

Episode 3[3][]

Carl' pins his attacker to the ground with his spear. Mantis begins flailing his sword and axe at another Elf slamming it twice, who then blows a whistle around its neck producing the same 'bird call' that was heard at the end of Episode 1. Tuzzel chases down another Elf and regroups, while Carl' struggles mightily with his own bow, and Mantis is slaughtering another Elven marauder. An arrow explodes across Mantis and Carheel, knocking the latter unconscious. Tuzzel decides to finally unleash his hidden karate powers and strikes three Elves at once. A creature beneath the sands drags a body away to an eldritch 'sarlaac' pit. Mantis plays nurse for Carl and Tuzzel tries to keep himself from being entirely surrounded. The 'Sarlaac' begins to drag another Elf down to its mouth as Tuzzel and Mantis clean house on the Elves.

Episode 4[4][]

Mantis and Tuzzel try to heal Carl and get him out of harm's way, but fail. Tuzzel and Carl get pulled down into the maw of this beast beneath the sand before they are regurgitated out onto the sand and the maw closes and sinks into the ground. The party has time finally to heal themselves and loot the caravan for supplies. Tuzzel uses Duma's unusual compass device to try to guide the team to the city of Tyr. After some time they come upon an unusual square formation of pillars, in various states of decay. Winds pick up and an obsidian ball falls from the sky, Mantis grabs Tuzzel and Carl as the eroding winds reveal more and more of a sunken construct. A massive heap of armoured bones is unearthed and the party descends from their pillars where they found reprieve from the wind.

An unusual path is made between the massive piles of bones. It becomes clear that the stone pillars do connect to some larger construction below the party. In between the pillars is a lattice, "honeycomb" network of giant bones. A massive creature comes to face the party, made of an insect-like exoskeleton with four legs (a rust-monster). Tuzzel launches a stone shuriken, while Carheel Carl 'Don't call me "Coach Maddog"' Two Coins becomes a slave to the rust monster's will.

Episode 5[5][]

The party begins to fight the Rust Monster, utilizing only the best kung-fu, battle axe, and cheerleading techniques that the heroes can muster finally felling it. The party discovers, from the scouring winds, a hidden underground structure, perhaps a temple of some kind. Walls and doors decorated with extraordinary relief, the party stealthily follows a crew of humanoid shapes that have descended into the temple. Hearing the familiar voice of Submatron Galash, Tuzzel stumbles into a ceremonial chamber with the disembodied head of Submatron Galash upon an altar clearly speaking to several reptilian humanoids. A lizard-like guard notices Tuzzel and curses him and produces a medallion that casts a blinding light upon Tuzzel and the rest of the party.

Episode 6[6][]

Without means of recovery, the crew immediately starts the fight. Mantis collapses a wall on top of another lizardman, checking with Coach Maddog and then slamming the prone lizardman with his axe. Tuzzel enters a one on one with the lizardman bearing the medallion. This strange medallion's cylinders of light seem to carve perfect holes in material as if coring it. Mantis lays about in two lizardmen at once and receives a cylinder of light through his arm. Tuzzel gets kicked down the stairs and is mentally dominated attacking Carl and immediately killing him. Tuzzel regains control and both he and Mantis kill a lizardman each. After stuffing Carl's face with a magical healing apple, Coach Maddog rises to miss his daily power to do no damage. The lizardman with the medallion realizes the futility of the situation, crushes his medallion in his fist causing an explosion of light which blinds everyone. The last lizardman is felled by a combo arrow/punch from Carl and Tuzzel bringing silence to the chamber again. The party approaches the altar bearing Submatron Galash's head. Submatron Galash reveals herself to be a member of 'The Veiled Alliance' and she requests that the party take her to Tyr, to which the party agrees.

Episode 7[7][]

This episode consists of a post-podcast discussion about Dark Sun.

Season Details[]

Player Characters[]

  • Carheel, Human Fighter played by Kris Straub
    • AKA Coach Carheel Carl Maddog Two Coins
  • Tuzzel, Mule Monk played by Scott Kurtz
  • Mantis, Half-Giant Barbarian played by Mike Krahulik
    • A not-so-bright gladiator in training


  • Tyr
  • Altaruk

Non-Player Characters[]

  • Submatron Galash
    • Emissary of house Galash from Altaruk, it is the submatron's caravan that the party is tasked to help guard
  • Duma
    • Mule (Half-Dwarf) guide, presumed dead
  • Kalak
    • The sorcerer-king of Tyr whom rumours suggest has been killed as the result of a slave-uprising

Season Quotes[]

  • "Sand, spit, and chicken fried steak" - Tuzzel, Episode 2
  • "Mrmnumhmmgrahhaa (sic)...I'm Jerry" - Scott Kurtz, Episode 6
  • "Shit was fucked up...head...what are we doing for you?" - Carl, Episode 6
  • "You can't throw something chitinous without hitting a carapace" - Mike Krahulik, Episode 7

Notable Trivia[]

  • Only campaign to occur in the realm of Athas (Dark Sun)
  • Only main series adventure to feature none of the original characters

 Player Statistics[]

Damage dealt by Carheel's 'Direct Strike' is attributed to Carheel

Player Critical Hits Critical Fails Damage Dealt Damage Taken Last Hits* Downs**
DM: Jerry Holkins 0 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Tuzzel 3 0 192 46 5 0
Mantis 1 1 153 36 3 0
Carheel 0 1 55 48 0 2

*Last Hits are any instance where the attack or effect from one PC has Downed or Killed an NPC. Not which PC was most responsible for those kills.

**Downs are considered any instance where a PC is taken down to 0 hp or lower. This is not Player Character death which is exceedingly rare.