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A Hoardsperson is a role that is held by a member of Acquisitions Incorporated along with the Decisionist, Documancer, and Cartographer. They are the ones who record money flow within the franchise, keeping track of payments and ensuring that any treasure collected is stored and noted until further notice. They have some role in paperwork, but more than not, Documancers will often absorb this as part of their work.


There are two of hoardsperson and both are well suited to their work. The first is a wealthy individual who, due to thier background, take on the role because of their familierity with money. They are good as they will look after it with the caution of a starving fox, but will occasionally some of this may "find" itself within their own hoard. The other type is someone who really doesn't care about money. This makes them less likely to steal it, but this passive attitude can lead to overspending and/or the loss of funds. Whoever ends up with the job, there will always be some inevitable loss of profit someplace along the line.


Level 1:

  • Basic Money Satchel
  • Writing equipment (Quills, Inkpots)
  • Payment Ledgers

Level 2:

  • Living Money Satchel that acts similarly to a bag of holding. Contents that are placed within the bag are deposited into a vault within Acquisitions Incorporated's Headquarters in Waterdeep.

Known Hoardspersons:[]

  • K'thris Drow'b