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"Franchise Opportunities" is the first episode of the first season of Acquisitions Incorporated The "C" Team.

Plot Summary[]

Walnut Dankgrass, Donaar Blit'zen, Rosie Beestinger, and K'thriss Drow'b each arrive separately in Red Larch with a golden acorn and instructions to meet their Acquisitions Incorporated contact at the Dran & Courtier inn. On the way to town, Rosie Beestinger encounters, and easily dispatches, a trio of brigands. When they enter the inn, they find themselves in a strange, heavily Jim Darkmagic-themed restaurant. They spend time meeting each other, and begin exploring the inn.

Walnut has a conversation with the inn's resident cat, Onyx, about a strange number of recurring mice. Rosie notices that the chandelier's candles are arranged identically to the Homeward Star constellation. Donaar throws a temper tantrum when their contact fails to arrive. K'thriss is awkward and mostly drinks by himself - and notices that the bottom of his glass bears the inscription "Acquisitions Incorporated Test Market". All four of them notice something is off about the inn, however. When they attempt to leave through the front door, they find themselves instead entering an identical inn, only without any other people and lacking the Jim Darkmagic themed decor.

In this second version of the inn, Donaar is attacked and grappled by a door on the first floor, upon attempting to open it.

They find themselves in a dark room of rough hewn stone with a gnawed stone arch leading out to a vast expanse.The whole room smells of urine, must, and prey, and outside there is a single constellation in the sky - the Homeward Star. Rosie begins to guide the party using her astral navigation skills. As they travel, they encounter gigantic mice. Walnut uses her druidic powers to communicate with the mice, and the party offers the mice some bread. The mice then proceed to leave, and the party makes camp.

At this point, the party realizes that they are actually miniature versions of themselves, and they are travelling across the floor of the inn. More mice come to the party to talk with the party, who the mice refer to as "Farmice". The mice relate that Onyx has killed their queen, and they desire assistance. The party agrees to help the mice leave for "the Farlands" and reach safety from Onyx. The episode ends with the party mounting the mice and riding off.

Memorable Quotes[]

"If there is one thing in this life you can trust, it's someone who buys you a goddamned drink." -- Rosie Beestinger

"It's quite a sticky situation." -- Donaar Blitzen


Dungeon Master: Jerry Holkins

Player Characters[]

Notable NPCs[]


  • This is the first episode ever of The "C" Team. It is also the only episode to utilize background music and sound effects.
  • This is one of two "C" Team episodes that does not have an accompanying "Table Talk" episode.
  • This is the first episode in which Patrick Rothfuss texts Kate Welch during the live game to give her bad ideas. This will become an ongoing joke throughout the series. In this episode, he tells Rosie to swing from the chandelier; Rosie is subsequently covered in hot wax.
  • This was the first time that Walnut used wildshape, in this case to transform into a bear (Honeynut)

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