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Father Gordon is a human priest who oversees the Wayrest Inn - a group of buildings that includes a chapel, a forge, and military barracks - which serves as a place of rest for travelers.[1] The C Team first meet him in the PAX Unplugged 2017 game, which is based on Jerry's homemade campaign, "The Night of a Thousand Hours", which he first played with Mike in 2009.[2] That campaign involves the players suddenly being handed a changeling baby who they must protect from a pack of lycanthropes and bring to Father Gordon for safety.[3] In 2014, the pair made a comic arc with fan-favorite Anne as the DM for that campaign.[4]

For the Acq Inc universe, Jerry made a few changes from the original, such as making Father Gordon a priest of Helm instead of Avandra.[1] Jerry describes Father Gordon as a "man with precisely zero shirt, a mythicaly proportioned chest, with only a dusting of white hair" and a "mustache of the year" that curls up on both ends. He wears a studded leather skirt pleated with armor around the base. A running gag in the show is that Rosie finds him very attractive. The Team find a picture of Omin with Gordon's belongings, and later learn that Gordon is Omin's father.

Spoilers for C Team Season 3[]

The changeling baby also becomes part of the C Team universe, growing into a young girl who wants to go by the name of Quinoa. In this storyline, she is a subclass of changeling known as a 'royal changeling', whose blood is thought to have the power to cure lycanthropy. The C Team are concerned because Portentia Dran seems to have an interest in her, and they do their best to keep her away. When Portentia herself is caught altering her face, the C Team ask Father Gordon about it, and he says that this is something she has always been able to do. Father Gordon mysteriously appears to have complete trust in Portentia, saying that he considers her one of his children.[5]

When Father Gordon and Prophetess Dran both become paralyzed by EPA magic,[5] The C Team discover that both are wearing bands bearing a mysterious inscription that leads them to the Hollow of the Six Points. There they discover that that the pair used a ritual engine, a form of 'druidic wishing well' that takes love instead of money, and that the price was their love for each other.


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