Donaar Blit'zen is a Dragonborn Paladin currently employed as the Decisionist for the Acquisitions Incorporated "C" Team operating out of the Dessarin Valley.

Early Life Edit

Donaar is a highborn member of Dragonborn society.[1]

When Donaar arrived at Red Larch to take up his Acquisitions Incorporated franchise, he was dropped off at the gates of town in a driven cart. He had travelled from the eastern ridge of the Sword Mountains.[1]

Acquisitions Incorporated Career Edit

The Test Market Edit

During their initial test in the Test Market inn, Donaar loses his temper often. He was also attacked by an animated door, and mistakes K'thriss for a vagrant in need of money.[1]

Personal Life Edit

Donaar carries a toothbrush and floss with him at all times. His toothbrush's name is Percival.[1] He also carries a sword named Toothbrush and a whip named Floss.

Relationships Edit

In one of the early adventures of the 'C-Team', Donaar found a platinum dragonborn egg. Declaring it more important than the rest of the group, Donaar did his best to take care of the egg and named it 'Eggy.'

When the mother of the egg found them, at first she accused Donaar of stealing her child. Later deemed him too stupid to have done such a thing. Donaar made no effort to fight the mother for the egg as he felt he had no real claim over the egg/child. However, after the loss of 'Eggy' he was depressed for a while wondering if he had done the right thing.

Later the Team received a job from Princess Sorsha(Saoirse?)'s mother demanding Donaar to travel to the dragonborn enclave of Skolla to visit her. There they discovered that 'Eggy' had hatched into a child who been named Chronaar. Chronaar had apparently bonded with Donaar, resulting in an inability to bond with her actual father. Since dragonborn children require their bonded parent's influence to develop, Donaar agreed to step in as a godfather-like role for the young princess Chronaar.

Appearances Edit

Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team (1 Season)

Background Information Edit

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