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A Documancer is a role that is held by a member of Acquisitions Incorporated along with the Decisionist, Hoardsperson, and Cartographer. They are tasked with recording events, describing situations and also controlling contracts. They are also a mainline communication with The Head Office, which means that they often end up making most of the Decisionist role redundant, due to their first hand source of infomation, which often helps when deciding upon action.


Those who bear this role are often obsessed with their task, often working past midnight. This means that, ironically, this work is actually well suited for elves, due to them only having to trance for 4 hours at a time. They are hard working and commited people, needed due to the large amount of work that comes with the job. Instincts are not what a documancer relies on, unlike the cartographer or the decisionist, as it requires deeper thinking to create impenetrable documents to a high standard, which to them, is only the bottom line of what they can achieve.


Level 1:

  • Satchel of document holding
  • Quills + inkpots
  • Numerous magical contract sheets
  • Documancer's seal

Level 2:

  • Customized satchel with many compartments
  • Different quills for different tasks
  • Different inks (gold leaf, silver, black, etc)
  • Standard magical contract sheets
  • Special magical contract sheets

Known Documancers:[]

Walnut Dankgrass

Dol Droma

Omin Dran