The Dessarin Valley is a region in the northwest of Faerûn, bounded by the Sword Mountains and Kryptgarden Forest to the west and the Lost Peaks and Star Mounts to the east. The Dessarin River traverses the valley from north to south, through the Dessarin Hills and Sumber Hills before turning west to the sea at Waterdeep. The Long Road also traverses the valley from Silverymoon to the northeast of the Dessarin Valley to Waterdeep in the south.

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The "C" Team possesses an exclusive licence to operate a franchise of Acquisitions Incorporated in the Dessarin Valley, and the majority of their adventures center around their base of operations in the town of Red Larch.

Other Dessarin Valley locations alluded to in past episodes of The "C" Team include Westbridge (home of Harovan Dardragon and Pragma Cleft), The Stone Bridge (where the goblin raids must cease), the Bargewright Inn (where the Horde docks to resupply), the Kryptgarden Forest (ancestral home of the Enclave Panax Anima), and the Sumber Hills (possibly created by the Wandering Crypt's migrations).

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