Overview: Edit

A Decisionist is a role that is held by a member of Acquisitions Incorporated along with the Cartographer, Hoardsperson, and Documancer. They are a kind of leader figure within a team, using their 2 points in votes to get what they want easily. Aside from this, they literally do nothing else, occasionally providing moral support or as the public face a franchise.

Personality: Edit

Decisionists are proud people. They usually have some sort of commanding presence and always have control over the situation, but often come across as a jerk due to their narcissistic tendencies. Intelligence does not have to be the strong point of a Decisionist, as they can just rely on their team or superior influence to get the job done. Despite their uncooperative nature, they are actually the most charismatic role, because of their imposing nature and are always the first into a situation (ignoring initiative of course) and take the limelight whether it be in a brawl or at the gambling house.

Possessions: Edit

It is currently unknown whether Decisionists have any level-granted possessions--however, instead, they do get upgrades to their base. However, due to Donaar's general lackluster approach to the role, we currently do not know what this entails, except from the level 3 upgrade, which in Team "N"'s case, was a giant sail with the Acquisitions Incorporated logo on it. If this changes in the future, please edit this section.

Known Decisionists: Edit

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