Summary[edit | edit source]

Donaar talks to Pran. Nase defends door.

Start eating dinner. clothing shenanigans.

Thing appears under the table and then runs away

Donaar bothers Shimmerscale

Walnut chases thing (Helmet) inside the papa knife. Cathra appears and says the noble knife isn't for Donaar but won't say for who. Walnut promises that she won't say she saw Cathra but that she will have to explain herself to Donaar. Cathra escape as K'Thriss appears inside the knife.

Cathra appears and stabs Pran in the nape, creating about 80 different Pran bodies around the throne room. Donaar manages to save Pran by removing the Noble Knife before it has time to finish its fully destructive job, saving Pran's body but maybe leaving a different version of Pran inside it.

As the moment settles, the tuning fork that is a sign of Vars Maelis' summon of the royal family of Jinaar to come to him suddenly rings for the first time in 3 years. Donaar tells Pran she must summon their older Brothers Kemet and Shlogur. Pran says she will try.

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