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Certainty Dran is the Head Secretarian at Acquisitions Incorporated headquarters. She communicates with other franchise teams through their documancy ledgers, passing on orders from Omin Dran, who also happens to be her father.

Trivia (Spoilers for Seasons 3 & 4)[]

  • Omin revealed that Certainty's mother is the goddess Tymora,[1] and that she was born at a hidden temple to Tymora in Icewind Dale[2]. The information heading on the PAX West 2021 Acq Inc Youtube video lists her as "quarter aasimar, quarter elf, half human", which likely means her biological mother was a half-human half-aasimar avatar of Tymora.
  • When The Six sent Dol Droma to Acq Inc HQ as a living bomb to take out Omin Dran, Certainty escaped the explosion by jumping into a hoardsperson's satchel which connected her with K'thriss's satchel.[3]
  • When the Omin clones took over and banished her father to the Plane of Retirement, Certainty took matters into her own hands and created the Collections Agency, a team of rejected Acq Inc applicants who she hired outside official channels to find the missing C Team.[4] She also created a simulacrum of Evelyn Marthain out of fruit to help guide them, and enchanted the clones' weapons so that if they ever struck someone, a copy of that person was created and would die instantly, while the real victim would be secretly transported into an interdimensional pocket within the weapon.[4]
  • Certainty admitted that she needed to rob graves in the past.[5] However, Omin clone #7 (who was put in charge of taking care of her, and who she is actually fond of), claims to have spent a lot of money on her education[5]


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