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A cartographer is a role that is held by a member of Acquisitions Incorporated along with the Decisionist, Hoardsperson, and Documancer. Their role within a franchise is mostly related to mapping and route planning, as well as noting down visited locations. They also often end looking after the mode of transport whether it being a cart, a ship, or a teleportation network, due to the familiarity that is required for them to successfully carry out their role.


Cartographers have to be patient people, but also need a sense of urgency as to get their team out of tight scrapes and give pursuers the slip. They are hard working people, dedicated to their role, though not obsessed, unlike Documancers, and are often underestimated due to their appearances. Awareness is essential, as perceiving traps or guiding a team through treacherous terrain is difficult to accomplish, but also to understand the people they are meeting, which is why they are more social than other roles, second only to the Decisionist.


Level 1:

  • Mode of transport (horse + cart, ship, etc)
  • Blank vellum sheets
  • Quills + inkpots
  • Detachable waterproof map-case
  • Cartographer's bag

Level 2:

  • Encrypted fast travel instructions

Known Cartographers:[]