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Brahma Sigrid Lutier is an elfin bard whose current allegiance is largely unknown. Previously worked for Acquisitions Incorporated as part of The "B" Team, taking the Cartographer role.

Early Life[]

Little is currently known about Brahma's childhood, nor her age, or her background. She tutored under Audra Courtier for some years before eventually becoming involved with Acquisitions Incorporated.

Acquisitions Incorporated Career[]

She made it through The Test Market, possibly losing their fourth member on the way, with the rest of Team Bellerophon before waking up at The Dran & Courtier in what is now Walnut's room, where she would spend the rest of her time in The Dran & Courtier within. She and the rest of her team then carried to gain a reputation for getting the job done and were taken quite seriously for franchisees, eventually gaining a wild card license that basically allows them to do what they want.

At some point they were kicked out of their rooms at The Dran & Courtier, probably after an argument with Propha and ended up on the open road. This wasn't particularly a problem, due to their excellent track record and their wild card license, and they were easily able to make a living and the ability to buy luxury once in a while. This, however, all changed following their first contact with The "C" Team.

Enter The "C" Team:[]

Brahma first came in contact with The "C" Team during a job to slay the vampires who occupied The Doomgate Inn, which later turned out to be incredibly good LARPers. They were posing as musicians for the night when, unexpectedly, the requested franchisees arrived to defend and guard the Inn from vampire hunters and Trevor, the friendly werewolf. After defending the Inn from a variety of attacks, The "C" Team re-entered the dining room only for the newly revealed Team Belllerophon to quickly execute the vampires within the room. Following a tense encounter and a heated exchange between Oak and Walnut, The "B" Team made a hasty exit via teleportation - all except Brahma. She stayed long enough to flirt with Walnut (See Below), and then left, leaving behind an aroused and confused druid, along with a room full of vampire corpses.

"Baby, if we don't kill each other, we are going to fuck so hard." - Brahma Lutier

After the success of their mission, Brahma becomes steadily more disillusioned with her team members, especially Oak after his treatment of Walnut, and begins to cut contact with them, instead preferring to spend her time stalking Walnut. Her obsession with the elf steadily progresses, resulting in her eventual deliverance of a 'hot' love poem, vier an ajar window.

"I want to seize you

As prey is seized,

Two animals

My teeth

Are on

Your neck" -Brahma Lutier

The Hoard:[]

When The "C" Team traveled North upon receiving two jobs, one to rob the massive floating casino called The Hoard and another to protect it, Brahma was also headed there. She was to perform for the guests of the vessel, due to her fame as a musician, and was to receive one of the 8 first class suites, along with other forms of first class treatment. Upon arriving through a teleportation circle, one of the many boons of her reputation, Brahma performs an introductory piece whilst The "C" Team do their rounds throughout the main hall, then walks off the stage, passing Walnut on the way down. Both give the impression that they do not know one another, Brahma to conceal her feelings for the elf, Walnut as she believed that it was a test of sorts. Upon berating Melathor on a manner of subjects, she brings up the matter of personal security, which, unsurprisingly, ends up being Walnut, though not before criticizing the other members of The "C" Team. They them leave the gambling hall to go to Brahma's suite.

After entering through the magically locked door (the passphrase being "Walnut") Brahma admits to her that she has been stalking her. She also explains that she doesn't want to lose Walnut, hence why she needed to know where she is at all times.

"Do you know what it's like not being the tough one?" - Brahma Lutier

To put it lightly, rather a lot of seduction occurred within Brahma's suite in the several hours that the pair were in there. This involved Walnut's wildshape ability, along with other druidic magics she has control over, and domination on Brahma's behalf, but for other details, we are lacking a canon explanation, which is probably for the best on Amy's behalf. Part way through their love making, the pair were interrupted by Rosie and Cher's antics, in the guise of room service, which provoked an aggressive and protective reaction from Brahma

After this interruption, receiving a Franzia Wine bottle/box/crate/chest in the process, they continue with their sexual interactions for about an hour. This was when Brahma began toying with the idea of burning the ship down.