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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 28 August 2018

New Player Character Infobox

Due to [SPOILER REDACTED] events it's become necessary to spruce up the player character infoboxes. They now deliver the full Acquisitions Incorporated experience that you all know and love. 

You'll notice a new "Spoilers" section. It is setup to default to being closed when you arrive at a page and the user can open it up by clicking on the collapsible \/ icon to review current status and affiliation. I'm going to update all the other PC pages with the new infobox before deleting the old infobox_character. I may do the same for NPCs after adding a few quality of life updates. 

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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 24 August 2018

I'm special

I misspelled the word 'appearance' on the NPC template and it's been there for about 4 months. You're welcome. 

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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 13 August 2018

AFK of a lifetime

Well I've been gone for a while, haven't I? I was out of work for about ~2 months, during that time I brushed up on as much Linux, bash, and netadmin material as I possibly could and started my new job last month. Which means...LOTS OF NEW WIKI EDITS!!! 

In between painting new batches of miniatures freshly looted from GenCon I'll be patiently listening to each episode of Acquisitions Incorporated. Gloriously abridged Acq Inc content for all to enjoy: all the stats, all the play-by-plays, and all the critical failures ever critically failed.

Stay tuned...

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 7 June 2018

More Navigation and NPCs

Hey there,

I've made a few changes to the navigation page, especially to the NPC section. now, instead of a bunch of random pages, I have sent the links to Categories instead, some of which I have not yet created. Now, as of current, we have several NPcs from Acq Inc, so why not make a category within a category? Okay, I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but it can be done. We would a main Aqc Inc category page (which I think has already been created) and from that page there would be links goping to Team B, Team N and General NPCs (Or a similar name). From these nested (as I will now call them) category pages you can access all of the NPCs from within that category, for example you could access Oak Truestrike, Brahma Lutier, ???? Pendrago…

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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 21 May 2018

Top Navigation Changes vol. 2

So I've made some changes to the top navigation. Filed all locations under "Locations", the subsections are each set in different universes. Points of Light being the 4th edition universe, FR being the official 5th edition universe here just referred to as Faerun which I think is perfectly fine and most people will recognize that name over Forgotten Realms anyway. Finally Athas is included for the Dark Sun adventure and the Star Wars universe has no official name and is only referred to as "The Galaxy" so I've called it "The Galaxy" with a notation that it's for Star Wars. 

I've also added subsections under the Cast and Characters. We'll see if that gets popular in the insights for # of clicks. The size of the navigation bar got slightly t…

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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 16 May 2018

C Team Episode Summaries

I realized our wiki navigation is going to get very unusual as the C team gains episodes and more importantly seasons. The top navigation has a limit to how many sections it can include. So I'm trying to brainstorm means of getting this future proofed as we add something like 40 episodes. 

One solution is to seperate Acquisitions Incorporated and C Team episode Summaries into two different masters at the top so something like: 

Acquisitions incorporated 

                -> Episode Summaries | Player Characters | Non-Player Characters | Locations

                                   -> Season One | Season Two | Season Three...

C Team 

     -> Episode Summaries | Player Characters | Non-Player Characters | Locations | etc. ? maybe more things coudl …

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 13 May 2018

Levels and Design

This wiki now has admins again!!! Yay! Now we can get stuff done...

You may have noticed a few changes to the design, more will be coming as soon, but I am having a few issues with it, mostly relating to levels. These are what the buttons on the menu are arranged into and they are a little difficult to work out how to use correctly. Howver, after a few searches, it appeared for a little while that I had gotten it. Apparently not. Hover over the Cast and Character button, then hover over the Playable Characters Button. Now go to the menu on the side and hover over one of the buttons, it doesn't matter which. Now, according to my code, another menu should be displayed, showing a list of characters from either Team "A" (Main cast) or Team "C".…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 8 May 2018

Admin Issues


Hi there. Not sure if you have this infomation yet, but check your email. Since we both applied to adopt this wiki, there has been some, issues surrounding it. They basically want one of us to retract our request and, once the remaining request is accepted, the new admin gives the retracted user admin privilages as well. That is the extent of our problem and for now I retract my request to help speed things along a bit. We can discuss this further in the comments section. However, due to this being an unofficial request, it was suggested that we wait until both requests have been looked over by staff for credibilty before this occurs.

Day 28:

With that out of the way there isn't that much to report. I am waiting for a response…

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HabitualFiction HabitualFiction 3 May 2018

Classic Podcasts Synposes

With the amount of retconned information I encountered after starting the C Team stream I realized I could do with listening to the older podcasts again. I was frustrated that I couldn't find any real source of information online and stumbled on this wiki. I'll do my best to finish the Season One podcasts and accurately notate their adventures will tons of extra tidbits that can be used by other fans to keep themselves up to date and recall the past adventures. Acquisitions Incorporated is so chock full of callbacks and references that a place to store that is necessary now.

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 28 April 2018

The Dran & Courtier!!!!!!

Day 20 (And yes, I will keep on doing this):

Have been slowly creating the article for "The Dran & Countier " and it's being done. Be patient, I a life other than this you know. I will need to add the layouts made by LongGoneWriter to it, checking for canonity along the way. Aside from that, I will also need to write a section on The Test Market, because it is rather key to the plot. I am rather looking forward to the description of The Dran & Courtierception, version, as that was pretty funny.

Also, LongGoneWriter has also posted some stuff on The Hoard, you know, the gambling house/ship, so I will make an article on that. It will hopefully link to the episode summeries, which I will be doing, in fa few months. The issue with them is, there…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 18 April 2018

Roles Finished + Layout

Day 10

So, the roles have finally been finished. Yay! We still have work to do, however, as although the main roles have been done, there are still three others. Sadly, though, we currently have little infomation available about Obviaters, Lorekeepers and Occulent, so, depending on the wishes of The Shadow Council, I hope to wait until the next part of season 2 before completing these articles, due to the more infomation that will be granted.

The next parts of the restoration of the wiki if going to involve two things, the layout and episode summeries.


  • Add a new bar.
  • Add a background.
  • Add navigation pages

Episode Summeries:

  • Use episode chart to help with planning
  • Create summery (watch all videos!)

This is understandably going to take a while…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 13 April 2018

Quick Update

Day 5:

Just some quick info regarding the desisionist page. If you haven't read the page yet, please do here. There is quite a bit of infomation that curently does not exist, simply due to the relavent episodes not yet coming out. Also, as for the question mark, we do not actually know whether Oak is Team Bellarithon's decisionist, therefore I cannot cannonically say it as such, hence the question mark. Remove it if you want, or ask me to do it. I don't really care either way.

Upon looking at the uncatorgorised pages, I quickly realised that something needs to be done about that, as well as pages without any links. It won't take too long to do, only half an hour max, but it is still another check of the list. I will probally get that finishe…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 12 April 2018

Art Permissions and Requested Pages

Day 4:

I have attempted to gain permission to use fanart and official art veer the reddit and have had some success. User MaxDeam has given me permission to use his fan art, providing I include credentials and contacts. Nothing else so far, but I will hopefuly get better over time as more users discover the post.

I recently found the requested pages area and oh boy, there is a lot of stuff there. We need an extra 20 or so pages plus extras that are not requested, but I want to include anyway, like the roles. There are also problems regarding to a certain link under Driebus Beestinger . The Link is one to The "C" Team, but when it was created, the user who did so didn't get it to link to the correct page. I have fixed this problem but annoyingl…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 11 April 2018

Franchise Roles

Day 3:

First thing, sadly I cannot create a facebook group with revealing my true name, which is annoying. To be honest, I could have a fake name, but that just feels wrong. Neverless, I have created a new email account for this purpose, which you can contact me with if it nessersary.

The address is

In other news, I have been editing the new Documancer page, which now has formatting and more content. I am considering the idea of creating more pages of this kind as to allow people more knowledge into the roles within franchises. Hopefully this will eventuallly (soon) also include the Cartographer, Descisionist, Hoardsperson and Observationist roles and anymore that pop up as the series progresses. In the mean time, I wil…

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Olafthecat Olafthecat 11 April 2018

Editing Blog

Okay, this blog is going to be here for me to write down any edits I have made to the wiki, just so that you know what gears I am turning. It is also so that if there is any incorrect infomation, you know what to delete or edit.

Day 0:

I learned of this wiki's existance soon after begining to watch this series, starting with The "C" Team. Like Yogscast's Highrollers, I soon became obsessed with it, as you do, which resulted in disapointment in discovering this wiki. It needs updating and adding to.

This requires time and dedication, of which time is currently an issue, due to examinations. However, I will have time later in the year, about 2 weeks in the summer, of which I can dedicate to this wiki. So yeah, you aren't going to see any big cha…

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