"After nine years of dedicated service, Binwin Bronzebottom was honorably discharged from Acq Inc and now trains his own party of Minions. He’s often spotted raiding monster lairs and looting dungeons throughout the Welkinwood."[1]


Scott Kurtz


Mountain Dwarf


Barbarian/Fighter (Champion)

  • As the team tank and pointman, Binwin is constantly caught in traps, set on fire, and generally treated like shit. He can (usually) take it.
  • In season 9, Binwin offhandedly mentions having killed all of his siblings to deal with potential rivalries like Omin has with his, although how serious that was is up in the air.
  • Binwin's greataxe is named Seamus.
  • Binwin rarely does anything without checking up with Omin or Jim. As Scott sums it up in season 8:

"You set the route—I'm just driving the plough."

  • Upon resigning, Binwin left his Wand of Wonder to the party, which then went to Jim.