Omin's twin sister. As a child she was exploring the Wandering Crypt with her older sister Portentia Dran and twin brother Omin Dran. She was found by the members of the C-team and returned to her mother at the Dran & Courtier Inn.

C-Team Season 3[edit | edit source]

In Season 3 of the C Team it was revealed that she has strong psychic powers, kept at bay by a special magical earring that she wears. This was discovered by K'thriss Drow'b when she accidentally read his mind and memories all at once.

Since being recovered from the Crypt she is relatively shy, but very caring. When her neice Certainty Dran took refuge at the Inn after the main Acquisitions Incorporated office was destroyed, Auspicia, along with her mother and Rosie Beestinger, would look in on Certainty.

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