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The Ambershards are a family of Dwarves inhabiting Hammerfast who are historic enemies of the Bronzebottom clan.

Ambershard Manor[]

Ambershard Manor resides in the Dwarven settlement of Hammerfast. The Manor is walled and features a wide field courtyard that houses Kortha and Thazan's cabin. The interior of the mansion is unknown as the map and tiles used for the season 3 campaign were never released.

Ambershard Clan Members[]

  • Citrine Ambershard: Citrine is the matriarch of the entire Ambershard clan and is rumored to be the culprit behind the downfall of the Bronzebottom clan. She has never been encountered by Acquisitions Inc. but it's reasonable to assume that Binwin Bronzebottom has crossed paths with her at some point. Citrine is killed during Season Four where she is pushed into a pit of acid by Acquistions Inc. at the fortress of Slaughterfast.
  • Leer Ambershard: Leer is the son of Citrine and the heir to the family wealth. He's directly responsible for the death of Aeofel Elhromane and escaped the clutches of Acquisitions Inc. in Season 3
  • Thazan Stormbellow: The hired guard and groundskeeper of Ambershard Manor in Hammerfast. Thazan has no true loyalty to the Ambershard Clan and even allows Acquisitions Inc. to enter the manor by opening its door himself.
  • Sitheer Char: Elven ghost who inhabits Ambershard Manor, Sitheer is friendly to the party and actually despises the Ambershard Clan.

Ambershard Clan Allies[]

  • Lord Gastivar: Demon ruler of Slaughterfast, little is known about Gastivar as he never again appeared in Acquisitions Inc. after Season 3.