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Season Six of Acqisitions Incorporated consists of a single live episode at the 2012 PAX. Dubbed "the Lost Episode" it has no formal name as yet.

In-game it takes place right after the previous episode: 'The Last Will and Testament of Jim Darkmagic I'

Season Synopsis[1][]


The diorama for this season is a 3D copy of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook as released in 1977. It features a giant demon statue (later retconned to be Moloch) with large gems for eyes and a burning fire in a bowl which Moloch holds. Lizardmen are also included in the picture and in this adventure.


For the live event Chris Perkins is dressed up as the Dungeon Master from the Dungeons and Dragons '80s comic series. The players are each dressed up in the style of their various characters.

The story[]

Having succesfully gathered the remaining pieces of the Darkmagic Estate, Jim Darkmagic steers the mansion by means of the crystal ball. The house splits in two, losing its back half (including Jim's bedroom) into oblivion. The front half, which includes all of the Player Characters (and apparently no other inhabitants of the estate) hits the ground hard and all characters lose consciousness.

When they regain their senses the group all lies tied up on an altar. While Binwin uses his supreme strength to free himself, Aeofel hears a lady speaking in a French accent and Omin (and only Omin) sees a giant spider on the ceiling.

The (drow) lady identifies herself as Danielle and agrees to free the party from their bonds, provided they help her with a task: taking the gemstone eyes from the giant statue.

As soon as the party leaves the altar the temple floor sinks and acid flows in (the party is belatedly warned of this by Danielle), creating a giant acid pit and harming the PCs (Except for Binwin, who makes his saving throw and manages to leave the floor in time).

At 29:50 the first initiative is rolled (this lasts for most of the episode). Danielle climbs up on the statue towards the eyes of the statue. Binwin tries to save Aeofel using a crowbar tied to a rope but fails his Dexterity check. Aeofel uses his Phase Step to teleport away from the acid. Jim Darkmagic (who is revealed to have 21 HP in total) casts Rope Trick and climbs up the rope in an extra-dimensional space. Omin Dran joins Jim into the (lavishly furnished) space and heals Jim. A party of lizardmen and a lizardman leader join the scene and the 9' leader walks to the edge of the acid pool. Binwin rushes out from under the statue and pushes him in the acid. Aeofel shoots a lizardman with his longbow, killing him. Binwin kills two lizardmen in one round using his battleaxe Seamus.

Jim charms one of the remaining lizardmen which is then killed by Binwin. Omin sears the lizardman leader, killing him. The lizardmen react by attacking with blowguns, all of which fail to penetrate Binwin's armour. Danielle though, is hit by a bone knife.

Aeofel finds a back entrance in the Moloch and climbs up. In the "stomach" of the statue is a hoard of treasure which includes an intelligent sword. After a brief episode of possession of Aeofel by the sword, Aeofel manages to drop the sword in the acid.

Binwin finally manages to find the lever which restores the tile floor and removes the acid, thereby freeing Aeofel, Jim and Omin. An owlbear enters the scene, but contents itself with eating the body of a fallen lizardman.

The session ends with Danielle trying to steal both gems, assisted by the giant spider Omin saw at the start of the session. Aeofel cuts the spidery rope which leads to Danielle falling in the fire. Aeofel takes the gem and brands Danielle with his holy symbol.


This is the last appearance of both Will Wheaton and Aeofel. In the next season Will is replaced by Patrick Rothfuss. Aeofel is not mentioned again until the series although the search for a new intern is mentioned in a few short videos.

Season Details[]


  • Moloch's temple in an unkown location

Non-Player Characters[]

  • Danielle, a drow


Player Statistics[]

To be completed and therefore left at zero for the numbers which have not been filled in yet.

Character Critical Hits Critical Misses Damage Dealt Damage Taken Last Hits* Downs**
Omin Dran 0 0 28 14 1 0
Binwin Bronzebottom 0 0 32 0 2 0
Jim Darkmagic 0 0 0 14 0 0
Aeofel Elrohmane 0 0 10 14 1 0
DM: Chris Perkins 0 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A

*Last Hits are any instance where the attack or effect from one PC has Downed or Killed an NPC. Not which PC was most responsible for those kills.

**Downs are considered any instance where a PC is taken down to 0 hp or lower. This is not Player Character death which is exceedingly rare.