Acquisitions Incorporated refers to both the in-universe adventuring mega-corp named Acquisitions Incorporated, and the series of podcasts, videos, and live games of the same name which document their adventures. The documentation of this page largely refers to the corporation that exists within the Forgotten Realms (the official playing universe of D&D 5th Edition). Acquisitions Incorporated exists to some degree in each other universe such as Athas, Points of Light, and 'The Galaxy' of Star Wars. The 'Points of Light' events unofficially folded into the Forgotten Realms events after Season 6 of Acquisitions Incorporated as all the characters are events in the Nentir Vale (Points of Light) are still canon with minor instances of retroactive continuity.

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Adventuring Mega-Corp Edit

Acquisitions Incorporated is an adventuring company founded by Omin Dran. It began as a single party of adventurers dedicated to 'acquiring things'. Over time, the company began to hire interns to assist with their work. The company grew, eventually opening multiple locations across Faerun. Each individual who works for Acquisitions Incorporated has their own reasons for doing so, but the entire company is lead with an iron fist by Omin Dran toward a single, main goal: recovering his sister Auspicia Dran from the Wandering Crypt. And also making lots and lots of money.

History Edit

Acquisitions Incorporated was founded roughly twenty years before the start of their first adventure[1] at the ruins of Winterspire. Previously, they were hired (or hired themselves) to do low-level jobs managing monsters and exploring ruins. The first known corporate headquarters was located in the inn of the small town of Winterhaven[2]. At this time, they only had three employees- Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, and Binwin Bronzebottom.

Winterhaven Edit

Fallcrest Edit

Interns & Temp Hires Edit

  • Aeofel Elhromane
  • Viari (Later raised to the status of employee)
  • Môrgæn

Minor 'Employees'* Edit

*It's entirely possible that these employees went unpaid at the discretion of Omin Dran. Edit
  • Mr. Stinky
  • Jeff

Franchises & Other Locations Edit

The headquarters of Acquisitions Incorporated is in Waterdeep.

Other known franchises include:

Game Series Edit

To edit: "The series began as podcasts, available for Archive Trawling at the official WotC website, before transitioning to live events at Penny Arcade Expo around the United States, which can nowadays be most easily viewed on YouTube. All adventures to date are listed in their official Portfolio, as well as our own recap page. A spin-off podcast was produced in 2010, between AcqInc seasons 3 and 4, to showcase the newly-resurrected Dark Sun campaign setting. It did not feature the characters of Acquisitions Incorporated, with Jerry serving as the DM in place of Chris and Kris Straub subbing in for the absent Wilnote.

Card Hunter has received an official Acquisitions Inc.-themed Expansion Pack in April 2016, containing six custom adventures that you can play through as Omin, Binwin, and Jim. Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series, which forms a sort of extended season 10 leading up to a live finale at PAX West 2016, premiered at Penny Arcade TV on June 8, 2016. The same PAX West game also tied in with the Force Grey: Giant Hunters campaign finale.

Following Scott's departure from the show, a new, independent franchise starring Binwin was announced, Binwin's Minions. It consists of a webcomic published by Scott alongside (and crossing over with) both Table Titans and PvP, and, as of PAX South 2017, a hybrid RPG/puzzle video game tying in with the comic.

In March 2017, the spinoff series Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team was announced, featuring Amy Falcone, Kate Welch, Kris Straub and Ryan Hartman, DM'd by Jerry and presented in association with HyperRPG. The "C" Team is to air on the HyperRPG channel every Thursday, starting March 16, 2017."

Season One Edit

Podcast series featuring Chris Perkins, James Wyatt, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Jerry Holkins.

Season Two Edit

Podcast series featuring Chris Perkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, Jerry Holkins, and Wil Wheaton.

Season Three Edit

Podcast series featuring Chris Perkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, Jerry Holkins, and Wil Wheaton.

Spin-Offs & Related Products Edit

  • Dark Sun
  • The "C" Team
  • Edge of the Empire

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References Edit

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