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The Doomgate inn is missing! After having to come back due to Donaar poisoning pies with bits of his body to share his Were-bear curse with the other members of the "C" Team, they go back to the Doomgate Inn to find no trace of it being there.


  • the Spider Queen, played by Amy T Falcone
  • Vertex the Gelatinous Cube, played by Ryan
  • Bleth the Owlbear, played by Kate Welch
  • Proust the Skeleton, played by Kris Straub
  • Trevor the Werewolf, played by Jerry Holkins

Trevor is in love with a lich! He's in much stress over the relationship, however, feeling inadequate and looking for help from his friends on how to seduce her. In his stress Trevor reverts back to a human.

The friends go to room 105, a mysterious room in the Doomgate Inn where a resident has been so difficult to negotiate with that Trevor hasn't been able to vacate the room. When Proust tries the door handle, it extrudes out infinitely. They find a talking hourglass that has decided to end reality. They manage to argue that ending reality would really be cock-blocking Trevor and thus it decides to postpone it for 2000 years. It starts hitting on Bleth but the flirtation works on Proust, and Vertex suggests that Trevor might learn from the interaction so goes to get him to watch. As the "sexual" interaction progresses, a message announces that a Jeff Magic spell is in effect, as the Inn rearranges itself magically from the Jeff Magic (tm)-watermarked spell.

At this point, we return to the "C" Team, who is chasing the cube as they start transforming from their curse. After a fight, the team wrestles it into control. Meanwhile, the inside of the house is being shaken as a result of the cube's tossing. It starts to grow, falling on exactly where the Inn used to be. The teams starts turning into bears as a broadsword-carrying wooden entity appears and leads them inside the Inn. The wooden friend produces something on the stool next to him, making the Lich appear who reaches for the human Trevor that she kisses anyways.